juillet 13, 2005

Just Fine

I know I haven't updated in forever, but I did warn you that might happen. I am very busy with living currently - have a job interview Friday week for a very good job and am basically busy being a (somewhat) responsible adult. I though I should just make a post so if anybody who knows me worried that I was in London last week, I can put your minds at rest. I wasn't, thank goodness. Although it turns out the suicide bombers all come from the city where I live which is a little too close to home for my liking.

Aside from London, things are all pretty sweet of late - the Poison Dwarf pleaded guilty to the assault and was given a twelve month conditional discharge. They dropped the harrassment charge since s/he's now moved across country.

There's a reasonable possibility that I might get this job which is a very good job and pays good money. If I do, I think I might be able to get home for a holiday next year. If I don't I think I shall look for a position closer to home in Leeds. We shall see.

Aside from this I am doing home-makery things like gardening which is fun and Jackie and I are, as ever, sickeningly happy. I'm not sure how I managed to luck in to finding a wonderful woman who makes me so ludicrously happy, but however it was, I am forever grateful. My only downer at the moment is the bills which keep piling up and my laptop screen which is in the process of dying completely which leaves me very little computer time at home (for some reason it works on battery power, but not on the mains?!).

Right, well, better get back to work. To all my friends, I miss you all and love you as always and once I get my computer back to working order, I shall attempt the great email catch-up!


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