mai 19, 2005

Final update?

I'm sorry I haven't been around.

I just...  you know.  Real Life.  It's been.... kinda interesting.

  • The Poison Dwarf is gone - it was arrested and charged with two counts of assault and a count of harrassment. Bail conditions required him/her to move from our building and then s/he moved to Manchester. We're not quite sure what's happening with the court case, but it is all over bar the shouting, thank god. I think we only realized afterwards how stressful it had been and how on edge we were. It's been wonderful to be able to leave my window open during the weekend since!

  • Work has been crazy - we're restructuring which is adding some serious stress to the other layers of stress.  And....

  • My boss is leaving and thinks I should apply for his job. 
    Which is fairly seriously responsbile stuff and a great opportunity.

  • I finished my portfolio for creative writing and my tutor suggested I should do an MA (um, not if I get that job thanks).

  • The court case against Jackie and her family/friends was finally *dropped* yesterday.  After eighteen months, it's all over.

I don't know if I'll be updating much in the future.  My need/reason for journalling has kind of receded into the far distance.  I'm pretty happy where I am now, emotionally and physically.  I just don't feel the impetus I used to to chronicle my life.  Maybe things will change in the future, but then again, maybe they won't.  I'd rather use the time to concentrate on emailing friends and working on... well, work and my writing.  I'm keeping this blog, but I most likely won't be updating it much. If at all. But if, wonder of wonders, I feel the need to start journalling again, I'll head back this way and let you know!

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