avril 13, 2005


Psycho poison dwarf update.

Last Saturday -

I'd just finished about four hours of housework and was finally sitting down to relax. I was sititng in the living room when I heard a bang from the bedroom. It was a lovely afternoon so Jackie had taken the bars off the middle section of the bedroom window and we had opened the window onto the back yard to let some air into the flat this is the only large opening window in the house, so we decided to take our chances. The window was fastened open so as to not bang on its own but when I heard the bang, I just knew it was the window. I went into the bedroom, and sure enough, the window was closed. I opened it out again and I heard the dwarf say "keep it closed". I was all like "who do you think you are?" The PD didn't answer so I turned around to go out of the bedroom.

But wait, not so fast! I heard the PD's door onto the back yard being unlocked and it came outside and slammed the window closed. I opened it again and it shouted at me to "fucking keep it closed." I said "you can't tell me what to do" and s/he slammed it closed again, catching my right hand in between the window and the frame. I was trying to push it open to get my hand out and but the nasty troll kept pushing against it so I couldn't and yelling at me to keep the window closed. So now not only is the back yard "hers" but I now apparently can't even open my friggen window onto it.

I eventually managed to get my hand out of the window frame and there was more opening and slamming of the window and much yelling ensued. I threatened to call the police and she said go ahead. So I did.

But wait! There's more!

Meanwhile, Jackie who had been up at her flat had heard the banging and lunatic psychoti ranting from the top floor and had come down while I was on the phone. As I finished with the operator, I followed Jackie into the bedroom. She opened the door and leaned out to have words with the PD and the troll proceeded to slam the window on Jackie's arm. I told Jackie the police were on their way and Jackie climbed into the window-frame while the crazy trannie continued to attempt to slam the window on Jackie. By this point, there was some splintering of the wood on the outside of the window-frame where the catch had caught each time s/he'd slammed it.

Jackie warned the PD that she was going to smash the window if she carried on like that. The PD spat back at her "I'll smash it in your face, you fat bitch." Jackie pretty much laughed at her at this point and said are we going to carry on doing this all afternoon? The PD continued her lunatic ranting about us not being allowed in her back yard and that the window was not to be opened onto her back yard... yadda yadda yadda. I made the point that she had a letter from the landlady to the effect that the back yard is communal - her answer? "The letter means nothing." Oh and she shouted at me that "you need to fucking leave and go back to where you came from." A right charmer, for sure.

The standoff lasted for about another half an hour whereby she would slam the window closed and I or Jackie would open it. Then I got the brilliant idea to film it on my digital camera, slamming the window so that s/he couldn't claim s/he hadn't been doing it. I managed this and it must have made her think twice because she didn't do it again.

However s/he did encounter Jackie in the stairwell on Tuesday and threaten to smash her face in. To which Jackie was all "come on then" at which point the PD slithered past her and scuttled into her flat.

It's been pretty damned stressful though - It's gone way beyond a joke and is now in losing sleep territory. I had to go into the back yard to access my gas meter this weekend and I was fucking shitting myself - Jackie had to come with me and hold my hand - luckily we managed to do it before the troll got up in the morning and avoided her completely, but I was literally shaking once we were done. No-one should have to live like this - it's hellish :(

But anyway, the upshot of all this is that we have reported it, and we have a friendly police officer who wants to arrest her for assault and harrassment. We spent spent two and a half hours down there tonight giving statements. The cop is the same one that was involved when Joe the neighbour was arrested and he knows s/he's psycho - anyway - the upshot is that she's most likely being arrested and charged with assault and probably harrassment sometime this week. She'll be remanded to court or bailed to a different address with conditions not to contact us/come within 200 feet of this address - basically - she will have to go and she'll have no choice - he said the normal civil eviction thing could drag on for months, so this is the only sure way to get rid of her. We're a little nervous of the repercussions but he assures us that if she does break bail conditions she'll be remanded in custody and sent to jail for witness intimidation which they take very seriously.

So, watch this space!!

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