mars 01, 2005

stressed like a really stressed person

so, you might have gathered I'm a little busy lately. work - check. home - stalker, check. social life - check. broke - check. Not much changes, you try and get on with your life, you exchange troublemakers and drama queens for other troublemakers and drama queens and life goes on, I guess.

I miss all my friends I haven't had the chance to talk to lately. If you're reading this, I miss you and I can't wait to talk to you again soon....

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the tales of a poison dwarf

Yes, I am still alive, just exceedingly stressed out with work and with confrontations with the Poison Dwarf (the transexual neighbour who is psychotic as fuck).

About four weeks ago she cornered Jackie and accused her of slamming the flat doors and the front door of the apartment block - she went on and on until Jackie just started laughing at her, at which point she flew into a rage. (I overheard much of this, although didn't hear exactly what was aid a lot of the time, I heard much of the tone of it and she was abusive (she opened and slammed MY door) while Jackie was simply disbelieving). She's complaining about the guy in the middle slamming doors too.

About an hour after this, she comes and knocks on my door and tells me that Baby (our cat) is not allowed out in HER back yard (I open my bedroom window when it's nice weather and the cat comes in and out as she pleases). I was astounded and said "It's not YOUR back yard". And she says "YES it is, you can ask Jane and Steve!" (the landlords.) So I reply, "Right, I will ask them". She starts going on about how she's had a mouthful of abuse out of Jackie and then she blathers on and I can't get a word in edgewise so she
finishes off with "Well Baby can't come into MY back yard!" And I simply said "RIGHT, We'll SEE about that!!" And I slam the door on her.

I was absoultely furious - so I called Jane the next day and left a message to let her know what had happened and to clarify that indeed, the back yard is communal which I knew but wanted to double check. She said yes it is and apparently the PD had called her to clarify as well and been told that no, it was communal. So I thought that would be the end of it, foolishly as it turns out!

So, we try and be quiet and thoughtful all through the week and on Saturday, I'm down at mine and the window is open and Baby is outside and I hear this bang and then the sound of somebody shouting, so I go into my bedroom and my window is closed. And the Posion Dwarf is out there SCREAMING at the cat to get out of HER garden. And there are bangs like she's trying to hit her with a broom or something. And the poor cat has nowhere to go because the witch has slammed my window closed.

I open the window and she's still screaming psychotically at the cat and I tell her to leave her alone and she starts screaming at me to get the cat out of HER garden. I look at her incredulously and say "It's NOT your garden" and she says yes it is and starts towards the cat again. So I'm furious by now and I'm all like, "Don't you DARE touch her!" - by which time the cat has scarpered inside and the PD marches up to my window and slams it so hard I'm amazed it didn't break.

I was SO furious I grabbed Baby and left my flat and slammed the door as I went (at which point I hear her through the wall going Wooooooooo! like a fucking 7 year old) and went up to Jackie's. I rang Jane and left a message on her phone and she called me back later on and we discussed it and how ridiculous she's being. Jane said she couldn't undersand it since the PD is supposedly an animal lover and I said I think she's just insane basically. (I think drugs have addled her brain. Or, y'know, syphillis since she's a nasty whore.)

Jane said if anything else happend to let her know and she would log it down. She said she was going to post a letter on the inside of the front door as well as pop one under all our doors saying that the back garden is
communal. And that she was going to try and see the PD and talk to her
on Monday/Tues and if she couldn't then she was going serve her with a
letter of eviction. She has decided that the PD is more trouble than she
is worth - she is always kicking up trouble and since her tenancy agreement ends in April (same time as mine does) Jane can kick her out.

BUT it carries on! On Sunday night, Jackie and I came home after having a few drinks at the pub - we got back about 11 and came in - I was wearing my boots which are quite noisy on the tiled floor of the entrance and we did shut the door kinda noisily - which was my fault - I was still pissed off about the day before :) So we are barely in the door anyway, we've just sat on the couch when there's a knock at the door. I tell Jackie just to ignore it since I know it will be the Poison Dwarf but she knocks again and Jackie goes to the door. The PD is standing there and telling us we're being noisy and to stop being so noisy. I mean, we didn't even have the TV on or anything, we'd just come in and were talking and laughing - she totally must have been lying in wait, waiting for us to come back so she could pounce. So
Jackie told her she was being ridiculous or she was insane or something and the Poison Dwarf spits out that she's going to call the noise control officers if we don't quiet down. At which point I lose my rag totally and go storming out there yelling at her to "Fucking hell, just Fuck OFF!" but she's already scuttled back to her flat and closed the door.

SO, (yes, it gets even WORSE!), so Jackie pushes me back inside and I end up in tears, pissed off with the PD and pissed off with myself for losing the plot and frightened that it's going to start escalating because she has some very not nice friends. So we decided that I'd go up and spend the night at Jackie's and we go up. And I've just stripped off all my clothes and wandered off to the bathroom to brush my teeth and there's a knock at the door. And it's the POLICE! She called the police on us and said we'd called her a poof??!! And they had come out for that? Luckily Jackie knew one of the police and it was all very civilized - they knew it was as ridiculous as we did. The bad thing is they had to give Jackie an official warning since the PD had given them her name and not mine. The whole thing was completely fucked up. we told them it was an ongoing thing and I explained what had happened the previous day so they got a better picture of what was going on and they said if anything else happened to call the police.

We let Jane know and she decided that was it and served the PD with her eviction note several days later. Apparently the PD demanded that Jane serve all of us (Jackie, Joe (the guy in the flat on the middle floor) and me with official letters of warning for being abusive towards her. She didn't realize she was in the process of being served with an eviction notice, evidently. But that night, Jackie found her Yucca plant that sits outside her flat completely shredded and strewn down the stairs.

Then, on Saturday we came home in the afternoon to find a sticker stuck to
Jackie's buzzer at the front door reading JAQUELINE = POLICE INFORMANT. We took a photo of it and removed the sticker. About half an hour later I heard the rat scuttle in and lock her door and I went out and there was another one. Througout the evening there were three more that I collected (who knows if there was more!)

Then at 4:10am, we were woken up by hard house music which was coming from her flat. She was screaming so loud we could hear her (I think she was high on smack or something) and it went until at least 6am.

We went and talked to the neighbours on one side that we kind of know and have had problems with her before, just to let them know what is going on and also let the neighbours on the ground floor on the other side know.

Apparently yesterday she posted a letter through Joe's door (guy in the middle), blaming him for the music. He must have gone down and asked her what the hell she thought she was doing - Jackie heard shouting between them, although I didn't. Anyway, about 9pm, the police showed up and went into her place. They went upstairs at some point and I saw them leave at about 9:45.

Then, at 9:50, there comes a knock at my door. I look through the peephole and sure enough, it is the nasty dwarf. I decline to open it and say nothing because I KNOW by now she is desperate for a reaction from me or Jackie, so she shouts at me through the door - "I just thought you should know, Mr *** **** (Joe's real name) has just been arrested and you and Jacqueline are NEXT!"

She scuttles back into her flat and, shaking, I call Jackie and then Jane. Jane told me she thought we should go to the police and log all this so I called Jackie and we decided we should do it straight away, because I've seriously had ENOUGH of this shit - so about 10:30pm last night we went down the police station and made a complaint about her which was logged.

Apparently they know her well and know she's been a real troublemaker for a long time. The cop said they can't really do that much at this point - it's really a matter of who screams the loudest, so we should report her when she does ANYTHING. :( We showed the cop the picture of the sticker and all
the subsequent stickers and he advised we should go to the Citizen's Advice Beareau and get some legal advice but we might go to a solicitor and get some advice about taking out a non-molestation order or something of that kind on her. The policeman said that she can't say the things she is saying (about having us arrested) and what she is doing is harrassment and the stickers are defamation and libel. He said he could go and give her an official warning of harrassment if we wished but it could make things worse rather than help. I said no, since I know she wants a reaction from us, I'd rather not give her one until there is no other option. But I am carrying around a little electronic dictaphone in case she starts threatening me (again). If I can get absolute proof of the things she is doing, she's going down. So watch this space ;>

Oh yeah, when we got back, we went into my flat to get some stuff and then went back up to Jax but on the way out, she calls out again "Jackie Next,
Then You." I'm really pissed off I didn't catch the original threat on my dictaphone, but I sure as hell will if it happens again.

The landlady is putting bolts on my bedroom door and is measuring up the back window for bars so that I feel safe while she is still around - once she is evicted and it all dies down (assuming it doesn't get worse AFTER she is evicted) we can take em off.

So, we have about 53 days now until she is evicted, and realistically, *anything* can happen between now and then. She IS psychotic, I have no doubt about it. I will report any further encounters to the police and in here so that I have some recorded evidence. (I am keeping a log on my home computer, but if anything happens to that....)

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