février 10, 2005

Since I last updated

I have:

  • Read The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger, which was wonderful.
  • Watched several movies including Aimee & Jaguar, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Shrek 2, The Village, Mean Girls and But I'm a Cheerleader.
  • Had an argument with my very strange transsexual neighbour who insists Jackie is slamming doors and tried to tell me our cat couldn't go in *her* backyard.
  • Clarified with the landlady that it is, in fact, a communal back yard and had a good laugh over the aforementioned crack-whore transsexual neighbour. You think I'm joking?
  • Had an entirely new bathroom installed.
  • Started a creative writing module at College
  • Moved offices and worked my *ass* off for the past few weeks as the workload has picked up considerably.
  • Answered very few emails thanks to aforesaid heavy workload.
  • Cooked a wicked good fish pie with a piece of smoked haddock and some leeks.
  • Done very little actual writing.
  • Played with Photoshop a little.
  • (Still have) a broken ass.
  • Developed a sudden and wholly unexpected social life with the people I work with….
  • Not spoken to my mother once, which bothers me. Quite a bit. Have spoken to my mother for two hours.
  • Have had two hangovers.

Would someone slow the world down please? I'm too bloody dizzy.

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